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2021/22 Quadrivalent inactivated flu vaccine*FREE ($400) per doseOct 6, 2021 to Nov 6, 2021
13 valent Pneumococcal vaccine$1,000 ($1,500) per doseNow till Dec 31, 2021
NEW Shingles vaccine (Shingrix)$4,800 ($5,400) for 2 dosesNow till Dec 31, 2021
* Only for eligible people under the vaccination subsidy scheme

Our Caring Stories

“During this pandemic extraordinary period, many parents (including us) are truly worried about bringing kids out, let alone visiting hospital or clinic. We are truly grateful to have the medical team from Dedicare Medical Centre visiting my home to vaccinate our daughter Abigail. Their professionalism and attentiveness are commendable.”

Jason Chan – Singer, Songwriter & Actor
Leanne Fu – Artist @leannefu_1027

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