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Vaccination service by doctor or nurse

Safety & Hygiene

Safety & Hygiene

Minimise outdoor exposure and likelihood of being infected



No commute, waiting nor queuing is required



Can reduce young kid’s anxiety from needle injection


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Our Caring Stories

“During this pandemic extraordinary period, many parents (including us) are truly worried about bringing kids out, let alone visiting hospital or clinic. We are truly grateful to have the medical team from Dedicare Medical Centre visiting my home to vaccinate my daughter Abigail. Their professionalism and attentiveness are commendable.”

Jason Chan – Singer, Songwriter & Actor
Leanne Fu - Artist @leannefu_1027

“I was overjoyed to have discovered “vaccination at home”service by Dedicare Medical Centre, so that I don’t need to risk bringing my two kids outdoor during the pandemic. The doctor and nurse are professional and attentive. To ensure safety and hygiene, they immediately completed all disinfection and cleaning procedures upon arrival, and thereafter vaccinated my two kids. I am truly satisfied with this entire experience!”

Bithia Lam – Makeup Artist, Video Creator, Housewife

“I had been so worried to bring my baby daughter to receive her prescribed 18-month vaccination during the pandemic. Luckily, I discovered the “vaccination at home” service by Dedicare Medical Centre. The entire process is ultra-convenient, and it was amazing that my baby only cried very briefly after the injection!”

Suenn Wong – Entrepreneur, Online Retailing

“Not long after the birth of my second daughter, Chloe, came the pandemic. Whilst I was having headache how to prepare Chloe for her vaccination trip, I learnt that vaccination centre (where my family go for vaccination) has launched the “vaccination at home” service. I chose this service without any hesitation. I value the professionalism of Dedicare Medical Centre and they have a very nice and comfortable clinic too.”

Jade Lam – Blogger